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Bulk photos compressor

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Fast and Efficient Image Compression

Compress an unlimited amount of images online in minutes.

What is Image Compression?

Image compression is a process that reduces the file size of an image without significantly affecting its visual quality. Our tool focuses on lossy compression, meaning it shrinks the file size while preserving the image's appearance to the human eye. You shouldn't see any difference if the "quality" option is greater than 70.

Why Compress Images?

Users often compress images for various reasons, such as:

  • Meeting email attachment limits
  • Optimizing website performance
  • Reducing storage space

Why Use Our Service?

Our image compression service is free and simple to use. We leverage your browser's capabilities to compress images locally, ensuring a hassle-free experience. No need to upload files or worry about privacy – your data stays on your device.

If you still don't trust us, you can self-host as it is free and open-source. Source code is available here

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